Frequently asked questions

Lendex Coin is a new Crypto Currency. Our goal is to become a premier alternative to all other Crypto coins in the market. Specifically, Crypto coins in the lending platform arena.

Ultimately we hope to become the most transparent/user friendly lending platform in the world.

An ICO is simply an initial coin offering. That is where you can buy new crypto coins before they go live on the exchanges.

The ICO (initial coin offering) will start at 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) on February 1, 2018. Sign up today to avoid last minute traffic.

    There are 3 steps that you should follow to buy LDX on ICO day: February 1st 2018 at 11:00am

  • Step 1:

    Sign up

  • Step 2:

    Deposit BTC or ETH into your Wallet on

  • Step 3:

    Find ICO on, click ICO then buy LDX

You need a confirmation from the Block chain which enables you to deposit BTC into your wallet at

We will only be selling 500,000 LDX coins each day.

The quantity is limited for each purchase, but you can log on every day at 11:00 AM to buy the allowed quantity for the entire 20 days of the ICO.

Once the ICO ends the Lendex Coin LDX will be worth $1.20. Shortly after (approx. 9 days- March 1st 2018) we will launch the lending platform and the coin will be lending (essentially) pricing the coin at $2. Approximately 5 days later we will launch the internal exchange, and on that day you can expect LDX coin to be priced similarly to other lending ICO's.

Once you own Lendex Coin, they behave like physical gold coins: they possess value and can be traded like stocks directly on our Internal Exchange and eventually they will be on many External Exchanges as well.

We will sell a total of 10 million LDX coins, in small increments over a 20-day period. A total of 500,000 LDX coin will be sold each day, and every day at the same time, until Feb 20th. Once the initial 10 million coins are sold, you will not be able to buy Lendex coin on this site anymore. The maximum number of Lendex Coin in existence is 35 million. When the internal exchange is launched you will then see a dramatic increase in the value of the coin.

You can invest your Lendex Coins to receive a daily interest. The interest per month is up to 30% of your lending amount. The more you put (reinvest) into the lending platform, the faster your money compounds. Best of all you get your initial investment back (Capital Return) after the loan matures.

Lendex offers one of the most generous Affiliate Programs in the industry. Starting with our amazing rates combined with our desire to build a strong relationship with our promoters, you can rest assure that you will have a solid team behind you. If you're a highly-achieved promoter/leader, please send us an email to or

Once you make your deposit, please allow time for the blockchain to release 1 confirmation. If the problem persists, immediately contact us at

If you deposited your BTC / ETH before Feb. 1, 2018, the you will receive a 10% bonus on all Lendex coin purchases during the ICO. We do not give a 10% bonus for simply depositing BTC / ETH and holding it in your wallet. Please contact for further concerns on this topic.

Due to a huge surge in visitor traffic, during the ICO sale, there are sometimes several uncompleted withdrawal/deposit transactions. For example, when we sell out, occasionally there are a small number of people who still pressed the BUY LDX button and received a successful transaction email confirmation, this is simply an error, and all of your btc / eth will remain your wallets.  You can then participate in the next round of the ICO. Please contact for further concerns on this topic.

Day 1 of the ICO, Lendex coin will be selling at $0.80. At the end of the ICO, Lendex coin will be worth $1.20.

We here at Lendex take our employee’s private information very seriously, much as we do our customers. We will not divulge nor release any personal information about our team members. In addition, we treat the security of our team members as strictly confidential. That’s our secret sauce. SORRY☹

You may not be aware of this, but Lendex might be the only ICO out there that doesn’t glitch out and spin for ever during the ICO. We are using only the best servers with an additional 5 server, load balancing system that ensures seamless browsing of our site, despite the enormous traffic we see, on a daily basis. No one compares. That alone is enough for us the keep the identities of our developers under wraps. The owner of the company and business corporation address are public knowledge. Owner and CEO, Joseph Natale.

  • Official Address:

    72 High Street

  • Town:


  • Post Code:

    GU27 2LA

  • Country of origin:

    United Kingdom

The Idea came to us in June of 2017. We spent the next 4-5 months planning and ultimately building the site. In January 2018 we launched and have been soaring ever since.

Trust no one! First read every page on our site, white paper, road map, terms and conditions on the bottom of our home page. Watch some videos from the 1000’s of youtubers on the internet, then go with your gut.

100 is the minimum.

you can buy up to 1000 LDX per day, during the ICO.